Friday Fiction

Succeed with CelebriTues, which made me regularly writes every Tuesday, i made another version. The new one is FriCtion, stands for FRIday fiCTION. According to the name, FriCtion trains forces me to write a fiction every Friday. I challange my self to play with my imagination in writing fiction.

The logo.

Even though the name is FriCtion, doesn't mean the topic should be friction. I will try to write fiction in many topics. Fairy tale would be nice (i bet my self not easy to write this genre). Fable (fiction about animals) is exciting. Romance fiction is sweet (wohoooo, am i a lover?). Based on true story fiction, why not? (ahahahaha, maybe i'm an expert in it). Comedy, horror, uhmmm you name it, i will try to write them.

Wish me luck!

P.s: The premier FriCtion will be tomorrow, Friday March 2nd 2012 :)

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